The Laboratórios Atral Launched in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia the First Generic Fully Developed and Produced in Portugal

Laboratórios Atral launched in March 2017 lymecycline capsules, the first generic fully developed and produced in Portugal, starting with the active principle originated in Cipan (former company of the Atral-Cipan Group) and ending with the production in the Atral Laboratories.

The Galenic, Analytical and Regulatory Development as well as the approval process by Infarmed and the Regulatory Authorities of those countries, including clinical trials proving the Bio equivalence of the product, represented 3 years of work and an investment of several hundred thousand Euros.

Lymecycline, an antibiotic of the Tetracycline family and whose main indication is the treatment of Acne, represents for Atral the entry into 4 of the most demanding European markets, England, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, with the company expecting the export of this product to contribute in the future with 10% to 12% for its overall revenues.

Atral is licensing Lymecycline to other markets across continents and plans to have the product marketed in about 10 countries by the end of 2019.