The Atral team is made up of experienced and highly qualified professionals, as well as motivated and oriented towards the achievement of objectives.
We value teamwork and, therefore, the exchange of synergies and knowledge, allowing a continuous development, both at the level of technical and relational knowledge.
We encourage our human resources to develop resilience, problem solving, positive attitude and engagement skills, always coupled with a strong sense of responsibility.
We believe that the good results are a result of strong motivation and, to that end, we promote personal / professional balance and rewards to our human resources.


One of the premises that guide Human Resources is the permanent commitment to the professional training of our employees, boosting their development and creating an innovative and effective management position, capable of attracting, retaining and motivating people. We promote the increase of:

  • Technical knowledge;
  • Relational skills;
  • Adaptation to the environment.


Internship Programs

The protocols created with universities and academic institutions in the masters or doctoral phase, nourish the cooperation between the student community and the company, having proved to be a tool for the development of new knowledge for the organization.

We are also apologists that our Internship Program must provide the student with tools that allow them to finish their performance with a greater knowledge and adaptability to the technical functions. Equally, we strive that this first approach to the labor market be dynamic and enriching as an experience, motivating the beginning of a successful career.